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CityWise App

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The CityWise mobile app lets citizens quickly and easily report problems they see around town using their mobile device.

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CityWise Dashboard

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Cities subscribing to CityWise can log in to their dashboard to instantly see reports submitted via the app.

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Silver Fox

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SilverFox is a dating app for older adults. It is designed for an easy and intuitive user experience.

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Habit@ allows households keep track of chores and tasks, set deadlines and send text reminders of those tasks.

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NodeJS | Express | PostgreSQL | Bootstrap | Twilio API | Heroku

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I am a web developer who enjoys working with JavaScript. In 2016, I graduated from the full stack web development program at Galvanize in Fort Collins.

My education at Galvanize focused on AngularJS, NodeJS/Express and PostgreSQL. I also taught myself the Ionic framework and have worked on several hybrid mobile apps in Ionic and Ionic 2.

What I love about programming is that I am always learning. Most recently I've been picking up Rails, React, Angular 2, Ionic 2, and TypeScript.

Prior to attending Galvanize I was an award-winning print and public radio journalist whose stories have run in Scientific American and aired on NPR, and NPR member stations My decade of journalism experience means I am accustomed to meeting deadlines and managing projects. These skills have helped me become a succesful web developer.

In my free time I love to garden, cook, and preserve produce. I mountain bike with my husband and spend as much time as possible hiking and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains.